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2022, 2023: Fundamentals of R [syllabus]

[Course material on my GitHub]

Together with Henrique Sposito,  I co-lecture an introduction to R programming language for social scientists and practitioners. As both of us had  a long and frustrating journey in learning R, we felt like developing a gentle course that maximizes contact hours with students who have no previous background. The course has been offered in multiple times in an extensive format (eight weeks) as well as in an intensive version (one week).

Guest Lecturer

since 2021:  Quantification in Anthropology and Sociology


[Slides: quantitative and computational methods]

[Slides: the scientific project and causality]

I teach classes on Quantification in Anthropology and Sociology within the compulsory Research Methods course of our department at the Geneva Graduate Institute. The idea is to get students —who are mostly conducting ethnographical research— acquainted with the logics of quantitative and computational social sciences while situating it in relationship to qualitative methods.

since 2021: Elites, Philanthropy and Social Responsibility [slides]

Within an elective course on Elites & Inequality, I cover the section on philanthropy and social responsibility. The idea here is to work between the normative justifications of philanthropy while introducing methods and findings of research on its effects.

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